Adoption Application

•The first step in the Adoption Process is to register on our website.
•Once logged in, you can complete the Adoption Application for the dog in which you are interested.
•Every application is assigned to and reviewed by a Haven counselor who will follow up with you.
•Depending on the volume of applications we receive for a particular animal, the response time may vary from one day to a couple weeks. Please understand that our Adoption Counselors are all volunteers who perform this service in addition to their regular jobs. We appreciate your patience.
•There is no need to complete a new application if you decide on a different animal – just send us an email.
•Not every application will be approved. However, we hope that you understand that every decision we make is with the animal’s best interest in mind.
All of our rescue dogs are in private volunteer foster homes. We do not have a central shelter or kennel location – you must make a private one-on-one meet and greet appointment with each individual dog at the foster family’s convenience. Our volunteer fosters are most qualified to answer any questions regarding the dog. To protect our foster families’ privacy, we must have an APPROVED application on file before we release their contact information. We may receive several applications for one dog and we do our best keep our site up to date with available dogs.

We have a 1 week foster-to-adopt period to make sure the dog is a fit for your family. Adoption fees vary from dog-to-dog.

Please note that an approved application DOES NOT guarantee that the dog will be placed with you. The final decision rests with our fosters as they know the dogs the best, and please be aware that there may be other applicants interested in the same dog. We continue accepting applications on a dog until the dog is with the new adoptive family in their home.

Please see our home page for dog adoption events.

Finding Lifetime Homes For Needy Dogs