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We cannot do what we do without the generous help provided by the public and professionals in our community.  We would like to thank the following people for their continued support in our mission.


James Bradbrook is our photographer and constantly supports us

Barbara Ankeney  – Mega Foster Mom and Merchandiser

Debby Burchett – Foster Mom – Merchandiser

Jessica Miller – Web updates, photos and general care and training for our new dogs. There is nothing this lass won’t do 🙂

The late Judy Drake who helped us with so much including accounting. We miss her so much 🙁

Linda & Bill who constantly nurture new fosters for us.

Linda Lynch – Foster Mom

We have many people who help keep us on track. Foster families like Barbara,  Debby, Eric & Susan; Liane, Suzi and Amy who were foster failure’s and adopted Stella…. Michael who helps us test our dogs on the best family environments for them. Our neighbor Steve, who puts up with the comings and going of the rescues. These people help our animals ease into a normal family environment and prepare them for a forever home. Our photographer James who donates his time, dollars and talent. Laurie who takes care of the many cats we receive. The talented professionals who help us keep our costs down. All of the folks who donate to our cause, Jessi who is loyal and hardworking and helps clean up, bathe, transport and love these delightful beings……thank you, and of course… Our Adopters!!!!!

Thanks for all the support and kindness and those of you who share our posts on social media.

Elkhorn Walerga Pet Hospital
This pet hospital comes very highly rated and does great work. The assist us with our dogs and cats and work many of our new adopters continue services with them. Call 916-334-4884 for an appointment with Dr. Singh and tell them you were referred by us 🙂

Finding Lifetime Homes For Needy Dogs